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Testing Solutions

Plastech has been providing real-world answers to difficult plastic-related questions for over twenty years. Plastech’s full service consulting firm includes technically based services in areas of design, engineering and analysis. To further complement our capabilities and customer needs, we also offer polymer testing and development services. We offer these services with the realization that not all problems can be fully analyzed or designed around. In many cases there needs to be a physical testing approach taken to solve the problem. Specializing in polymer testing and development our independent ISO-9002 and A2LA accredited laboratories provide outstanding service, quick deliveries, and reasonable rates.

Our Laboratory Services Include:

• Rheology Testing
• Melt Flow Index Testing
• Cyclical Fatigue Testing
• Compound Analysis
• Problem Solving
• Component Testing
• Electrical Testing
• FEA analysis and Modeling
• FEA support Analysis
• High Strain Rate Testing
• Reverse Engineering
• Abrasion
• Adhesion
• Mold Prototyping
• Molding
• Basic Physical Pesting
• Burst Pesting
• Coefficient of Friction
• Evaluative Testing
• Low Temperature Testing
• Smoke & Flame Testing
• Weathering
• Calendering
• Materials Analysis
• Optical and Electron Microscopy
• Plastic Specific Testing
• Compound & Process Devlopment
• Intellectual Property Issues
• Failure Mode and Effect Analysis
• Compounding & Mixing (Instrumented Banbury)
• Aging, Degradation and Fatigue Testing
• Color Testing (Datacolor SF 600 Spectrophotometer)
• Flexible Cellular Material Testing (Sponge & Foam)
• Polymer Characterization for Today’s Modern CAE Programs