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With the numerous technological advances made everyday, it is sometimes difficult to differentiate which technologies can positively affect your overall business. What many companies fail to realize is that one technology may offer only minimal improvements in productivity, but if one or more of these technologies/processes were properly combined dramatic improvements in cycle, time and quality could become a reality. The SynTec productivity program integrates newly benchmarked concepts into state-of-the-art product design, mold design, mold component manufacturing, heat transfer and process control to create the most productive mold available.

A recent SPE survey of Plastic professionals showed that over 90% wanted more knowledge in advanced manufacturing methods, new injection molding technologies, processing optimization and new part/mold design techniques for injection molding. A vast majority of those needs are met through the Syn Tec productivity program.

Plastech devotes over 30% of its man-hours to researching and developing new technological advancements in the plastics arena. After understanding the benefit, these new technologies have to offer, Plastech takes an additional step by benchmarking that technology with others in an effort to magnify the overall benefits to our clients. Plastech can define the parameters in which success is possible given a client’s specific manufacturing environment. The net results have been shorter cycle times, improved part quality, less scrap and reduced cost to manufacture thus making our clients more competitive in the global marketplace. Through this “ technological synergy”, cost reduction of 50% or more have been enjoyed by our growing list of satisfied clientele.

If your company is prepared to embrace the dramatic benefit of Syn Tec technology then Plastech is prepared to take your total process engineering beyond its current boundaries.