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Plastech Consulting, Inc.
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Plastech Consulting offers services in product design, material selection and mold building to serve Liquid Injection Molding (LIM) needs for both one-shot and twin-shot applications.

LIM offers a high degree of precision and accuracy to complement the superior properties (i.e.flexibility, thermal resistance and clarity) of Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) and similar thermoset elastomers.

Plastech also has the expertise needed for twin-shot molding. This allows for parts to be molded from two different materials (two colors soft material on hard material thermoplastic on thermoset, etc.) in one machine cycle. This requires that one mold should account for two sequential molding processes, while still allowing for required mold rotation (Second shot injected in one half of the mold, while the first shot is injected into the other half and part removal.

Plastech consulting provides superior accuracy with complex processes of high-value materials to bring your part to market.

The range for material selection allows for variation from conducive (85% filled) to insulating properties. Instead of pressurized impingement LIM uses mechanical mixing of the base plastic, including additives, with the catalyst through metering units which incorporates a high degree of control.

LSR has become a desired replacement for Latex and nitrile rubber in such items as spatulas, o-rings, aerospace and medical devices. In processing, LSR allows for lower scrap rates, higer cavitation and faster cycles. It does, however, bring with it a different set of tooling requirements than normal injection molds. Experience with these molds is higly beneficial when addressing the subtle refinements needed in part removal methods, draft requirements and tool wear, among others.