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Thermoplastic Materials Selection Based upon End-Use Applications:

Plastech Consulting provides thermoplastic resin or compound recommendations based upon extensive-knowledge structure-property and molecular weight relationshiops of thermoplastic resins. Engineered thermoplastic compound recommendations are based upon amount and level of reinforcing additives, fillers, glass fibers, wood fivers, nano- scale materials and coupling agents for specific end-use applications. Plastech will review FDA compliance ratings.

Color Master Batch Dispersion
Additives and Manufacturing
Process Development Capabilities:

Plastech Consulting conducts dispersement studies on pigment systems. Fully dispersed primary pigment particles provide maximum color strength and allows for lower raw material costs in final colour and white master batches or concentrates.

Functional Additives for Thermoplastic Processes:

Plastech consulting provides technical knowledge on the effects of various functional additives for thermoplastic materials, eg anti-static agents , external slip additives, anti blocking agents, electro-static dissipative additives, and internal lubricants.

Thermoplastic Elastomer Compounds:

Plastech formulates styrene-butadiene based compounds that provide soft-touch feel and direct bonding to either polypropylene compounds or polyamide based compounds. Shore A hardness from 40-90 are dial-in.

Engineered Polyamide-Polypropylene Alloy Compounds:

Plastech does compound formulation and compounding development work with polyaminde 6 and polyamide 6.6 alloys with polypropylene including glass, mineral and mixed glass mineral systems.

Unique Functional Compound Developments:

Plastech formulates proprietary gas barrier compounds that regulate the transmission of water vapor or alloyed compounds that retain methyl bromide fumigant

Strategic Marketing Plan Development:

Plastech researches and conducts the development of strategic market assessment and Implementation Plans for polymeric material businesses.

Market Study Development:

Plastech conducts strategic market assessments for new product evaluations for OEMs, including addressable market size, review of competitive products, market share of competitive products and selling prices.

Tailored Polymer Science Training and Classes:

Plastech develops customized tailored training and educational seminars on both thermoplastic and thermoset plastic materials. Seminars on the basics of polymer and plastics, to material selection criteria based upon end-use applications are provided.

Testing and Failure Analysis:

Plastech conducts testing protocol reviews and interpretation of testing results to determine the failure modes in plastic materials