Design, Analysis, and Management Consultants

Plastech Consulting, Inc.
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North Canton, Ohio 44720
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There is no substitute for an analysis-based design verification using modern day computer aided engineering technology (CAE) technology. Our goal at Plastec Consulting is to simplify this complicated process and customize it for your individual needs. We do this by focusing on your specific criteria to provide you with cost effective and real world solutions.

Using state-of-the-art and industry proven analysis technology, we offer a complete set of analytical services to make your product launch successful.

Plastech Consulting offers:

• Filling Analysis
• Packing Analysis
• Cooling Analysis
• Warpage Analysis
• Fibre Analysis
• 3-D Mold Simulation
• Design verification
• Tooling verification

Know your results before the first Shot

• Identify gate locations, size and date
• IOptimize cycle time
• IOptimize cooling line locations and sizes
• IOptimize processing parameters
• IIdentify warpage conditions and factors
• IOptimize for high productivity molding operations