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Plastech Consulting, Inc.
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North Canton, Ohio 44720
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Plastech Consulting offers services
in part design, material selection, and
mold building to serve metal injection
molding (MIM) needs.

Due to the debinding and required part shrinkage, key skill sets are needed from the onset of the design process. Plastech possesses the expertise in material identification and precision engineering needed to help you realize your part.

The process consists of mixing the metal powder with a thermoplastic binder into a feedstock, which, after being heated into a paste, can then be fed through standard plastic injection molding machines into a closed cavity mold. After coolong, the plastic binder is removed (debinding) through the use of thermal processes or solvents, leaving a porous material.

Serving the automotive, firearms, aerospace, dental, and medical industries, these metal parts can be over 99% as dense as wrought parts and even more intricate and precise—often without the need for secondary processes, reducing waste.

MIM produces parts from non-ferrous and ferrous metals and also alloys with superior mechanical properties to create die cast and plastic injection mold pieces with ease of automation and capacity for higher volumes.

Last, the part is sintered, binding the remaining metal particles together, shrinking the part and leaving the metal part virtually as dense as solid parts.