Design, Analysis, and Management Consultants

Plastech Consulting, Inc.
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North Canton, Ohio 44720
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There is no substitute for a well trained and dedicated employee to make your manufacturing process work efficiently. Our goal at Plastech is to create a customized training program that best addresses your organization’s educational needs to keep your production environment lean and on the cutting edge. We do this by focusing on your specific processing environment after which we provide you with a choice of realistic training solutions.

Using industry proven training techniques, our staff can offer you a wide variety of training services to assist your organization’s continuous improvement efforts.

Plastech Consulting offers:

Basic and Advanced – Fundamental and advanced injection molding
Productivity – High productivity mold design and build
Design – Product design and analysis
Processing – Process and cooling optimization
Quality – Quality standards and implementation
Principles – Lean, Kaizen and Six Sigma manufacturing principles
World Class - World Class Manufacturing Implementation

Maximize your training dollars…

• Fully customizable
• Class participation
• Certificates of completion
• Government funding assistance possibilities
• Expert trainers
• University endorsed